A Sermon for the Eighteenth Sunday after Pentecost

By: David H. May, Rector


Some years ago, I stumbled onto a little spiritual practice that I’ve ended up adopting. And when I say, ‘stumbled upon’, what I mean is that God showed me something about myself that I didn’t really want to look at but sure needed to. But as it happens sometimes, catching a glimpse about yourself like that brings along with it a gift from God that shows you how to live differently. And that gift was this little spiritual practice that I want to tell you about.

So, here’s the background. I realized that sometimes I get annoyed and cross with people, and that sometimes – and this is the really bad part – being cross and being annoyed can eventually turn into not really listening to a person anymore. It’s not that it happened all that often. But often enough. So that’s not good. It’s really not. Because, for me at least, to stop listening means that I’m way too close to closing the book on a person and forgetting that their life is a part of God’s great big story for all of us that our lives are happening in.

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