St. Mary’s Churchyard

Burial Arrangements at St. Mary’s

St. Mary’s churchyard is a beautiful gift that is offered to active St. Mary’s parishioners and their immediate families. This is a means through which we can ensure the continuing care of our sacred grounds through which we see a sign of God’s Church in heaven and earth. Below is a quick outline of basic information, rules, and regulations. Please contact Elizabeth Starling at (804) 784-5678 or at to learn more or schedule a tour of the churchyard.

What does St. Mary’s offer?

  1. There are a number of plots available in St. Mary’s churchyard, mostly located in the northwest corner. One four by ten foot burial plot is currently $3,000. It may hold one casket burial plus one cremation burial, OR up to three cremation burials.
  2. Cremation interment in the Memorial Garden is $300, plus $195 for a bronze plaque. No urns may be interred in the Memorial Garden.

If cost presents a hardship, please contact the Rector.


Guidelines for Use of Churchyard

Below is a quick outline of basic information, rules, and regulations. Please contact the church office at (804) 784-5678 with any questions.

Monuments and Markers:

  • One upright monument is allowed per plot, with a maximum height of 4.5 feet and a maximum width of 3.5 feet.
  • If you wish to use one headstone for multiple adjoining plots, the maximum allowed stone width is 5 feet.
  • If cremains are interred, an additional 3 flat or beveled markers may be added to each plot.
  • No walls, fences, mausoleums, enclosures, or above ground tombs may be constructed anywhere on the property.

Plantings and Décor:

  • The Church will maintain the grass on each burial site, but assumes no obligation to repair or maintain monuments, plantings, or other décor placed by buyers or their representatives.
  • Artificial flowers and wreaths, balloons, benches, figurines, and other permanent decorations are prohibited.
  • Requests for plantings on burial plots must be submitted to the Churchyard Committee for review prior to planting.
  • Flowers may not be placed on upright monuments.
  • The Church reserves the right to remove any container, floral arrangement, or miscellaneous décor regarded as inconsistent with the pastoral setting, or which has been in place for more than 60 days.