Acolyting is one of the many important ministries we offer for our youth. We are always expanding and enriching our program by providing new opportunities for our acolytes to engage during the service. If you would like to sign up, we would love to have you!  Sign up to Acolyte by following this link. To learn more, please contact Kilpy Singer or Somer Sentz.






Altar Guild

Members of the St. Mary’s Altar Guild provide multiple ministries in support of worship services. Arrangement of flowers, preparation of the sanctuary for Holy Communion, Baptism, or the daily office, special decoration of the church for Christmas and Easter, assistance with weddings, sewing and maintenance of hangings and fair linen, the maintenance of sacristy supplies, and other forms of liturgical assistance comprise the work of the guild.

There are six Altar Guild teams who each take responsibility for two months in the calendar year. There are plenty of experienced people to work with new members, and it is a wonderful way to meet and get to know others in this special place we all love.

Please contact us at the parish office (telephone: (804) 784-5678) or to join!

Readers and Ushers

We are always looking for new ushers and readers!  All ages are welcome.  If you are interested in ushering, please contact Kitty Williams. If you are interested in reading or leading the prayers, contact Lauren Clay.



Oblation Bearers

All ages, and particularly families are welcome to serve as oblation bearers.  Offer to God our gifts on behalf of the congregation by bring the bread and wine forward before communion. Contact Amelia McDaniel to learn more or follow this link to sign up.