2023 Annual Giving Campaign

A Note from the Rector

St. Mary’s Church, A Community of Belonging: The People, The Place, The Worship, The Work

A few months ago, a friend and clergy colleague asked me, “how have you all been doing at St. Mary’s through all of this?” By ‘all of this’, of course, he meant these two long years of the pandemic. I shared with him the realization that in many ways the past two years brought out some of the best in St. Mary’s. As we begin to get some distance on the worst times of the pandemic, we are beginning to see that in these past two years, we discovered the gifts of belonging to this parish that matter most to us. One vestry member recently wrote, “we learned that these gifts had not only sustained us during a challenging and isolating two years but are also gifts that we hope will sustain us as a church moving forward”. ‘The best’ of who we are as St. Mary’s Church are gifts we have been given to move forward. In recent vestry conversations, we’ve begun calling these gifts: The People, The Place, The Worship and The Work. In this ‘Season of Stewardship’ these gifts are sources for deep gratitude and thankful hearts for this community to which we belong, and a future full of hope.

Making a pledged monetary offering to St. Mary’s Church is essentially a spiritual practice for Christians, just like saying your daily prayers, or being a part of a Bible-study group, or practicing works of mercy for those in need or coming to church on Sunday morning. So, it’s different than the other good and important charitable giving we do. As a spiritual practice, pledging is a tangible means for us to say thank you to God – for our lives, for God’s goodness, for the miracle of love, and for all the countless things that prompt your own abiding sense of gratitude. Making a pledged offering is one of the means through we which we may trust God with more and more of who we are, and grow more deeply into the mind and heart of Christ.

David May, Rector

Your Pledge is Greatly Appreciated! Ways to Pledge for 2023:

Making a monetary pledge for the coming year to St. Mary’s is a spiritual practice: it is a tangible way that each of us has to say ‘thank you’ to God for God’s goodness and love. So, say your prayers and determine what portion of your monetary means you want to offer as a pledge for the coming year. There are a number of ways to pledge:

Make a pledge payment or other gift

If you have made a pledge, thank you! If you wish to make a payment on your pledge or give a one-time gift, please follow the link below to our secure e-Giving portal.

To make a payment on a pledge or an additional gift electronically via credit card or checking account, click here.

To make a gift of stock, please download this form and send a copy to your broker and the church office. 

*Please note for stock gifts, St. Mary’s is no longer using SunTrust to process. Please use the following information: Davenport & Co. LLC, DTC #0443, Account #DA4004556, Account Name: St. Mary’s Episcopal Church


Please call Elizabeth Starling at (804) 784-5678, or you may e-mail her at estarling@stmarysgoochland.org.
If you choose to mail your donation, it must be postmarked by Saturday, December 30.

Important Links:

Frequently Asked Questions about Pledging

Online Pledge Card

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Make a Gift of Stock

Download the 2023 Stewardship Brochure

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