The word acolyte is derived from the Greek word acolytos, meaning companion, attendant, or helper. The Acolyte ministry has its roots in the Old Testament of the Holy Bible, where the prophet Samuel is seen assisting Eli, the Levite priest.  At St. Mary’s, our acolytes are typically teenagers from the congregation, many who are in our confirmation class.

If you would like to volunteer, we would love to have you!  Please contact please contact  Matt Rawls or sign-up through this link.

Altar Guild

Holy Saturday (13)

Members of the St. Mary’s Altar Guild provide multiple ministries in support of worship services. Arrangement of flowers, preparation of the sanctuary for Holy Communion, Baptism, or the daily office, special decoration of the church for Christmas and Easter, assistance with weddings, sewing and maintenance of hangings and fair linen, the maintenance of sacristy supplies, and other forms of liturgical assistance comprise the work of the guild.

Individuals select a month per year for service. The twelve assembled teams then divide the various duties according to personal preference.

Christmas and Easter offer special times for the whole Altar Guild to beautify St. Mary’s with seasonal greens and poinsettias, or with fresh floral arrays.

Please contact us at the parish office (telephone: (804) 784-5678) or  to join!

Readers and Ushers

We are always looking for new ushers and readers!  All ages are welcome.  If you are interested, follow the links to sign up for our 9 a.m. and 11 a.m. services or feel free to contact Betsy Rawles if you have questions or would like help in signing up.


Oblation Bearers

All ages, and particularly families are welcome to serve as oblation bearers.  Offer to God our gifts on behalf of the congregation by bring the bread and wine forward before communion.  Sign up for a Sunday or contact Amelia McDaniel to learn more.

Worship Committee

The Worship Committee shares responsibility with the Rector for the oversight and conduct of all services of Christian worship.  This includes our:

  • 9:00 a.m. Sunday Holy Eucharist;
  • 11:00 a.m. Sunday Holy Eucharist, Baptism, or Morning Prayer;
  • Holy Week & Easter Services;
  • Special Liturgies (Confirmation, Bishop’s Visit, Evensong);
  • Ministry of Communion to the Sick and Home-bound; and
  • Other Services as needed.

We also work with the Rector and the other clergy to provide:

  • An annual liturgical calendar for all services;
  • Scheduling of lay participants;
  • Training of lay readers and lay Eucharistic ministers;
  • Adequate supplies for worship (Prayer books, hymnals, communion elements, bulletins);
  • Advice and guidance to the Rector concerning new opportunities for worship; and
  • Questionnaire input to the Rector and Vestry concerning St. Mary’s worship preferences.

If you are interested in learning more about the Worship Committee, please contact Betsy Rawles.