Dear People of St. Mary’s

Dear People of St. Mary’s,

There is not a day that goes by that I don’t think of you all often – and with so much gratitude for who you are individually and as the Body of Christ. My last Sunday could not have been more poignantly lovely – from Bob’s encouraging words to the delightful baptisms to the fantastic reception. Thank you only begins to convey my appreciation. Of course, the exquisite silver bracelet and the wonderful St. Mary’s photo book are tangible links to you all. Thank you for such beautiful and meaningful reminders.

The blessings that have come from knowing and serving with you all continue to unfold as we settle into our new life in Denver. I hope that your ears are ringing with the praises that I sing regularly about you all! I’m cheering you on as you begin a momentous new chapter.

With many prayers and much love,