“Good Grief” with Vic Maloy

Wednesday, April 29, 2020

“Good Grief” presentation by Vic Maloy


Eldergarten presents an Adult Formation offering from Vic Maloy titled “Good Grief.” Please set aside about 40 minutes to listen above to Dr. Vic Maloy’s timely, thoughtful and poignant presentation on grief and loss – something we have and are experiencing right now – and best of all, hope. Vic was supposed to be our Forum speaker for two sessions during Lent and had he spoken, there would have been time for questions and answers. We can still ask him questions once you have listened to his presentation by emailing them to Eleanor at wellforde@gmail.com. Please send them by Friday, May 8. Eleanor will compile them and present them to Vic who will answer them in a follow-up presentation sometime in May.