Watch “Our Story”

Have you ever wondered about all the history that surrounds St. Mary’s? How did the church start, who have been the leaders, and what does the future hold for our church?

Watch the story as told by John and Holt and learn about Mary Allen, the struggles of the early congregations and the construction of the present buildings.

This is Our Story.

Stewardship Committee Announces New Initiative

The Stewardship Committee has embarked on a new initiative: “St. Mary’s Changes Lives.”  Constance Bowden and her committee members are gathering stories from parishioners, clergy and staff about how pledging to the church has changed lives, including their own.  The product will be a video and print account of the the power of pledging–to both the church and to the giver.  If you want to participate in this initiative or to tell a story, contact Constance at or at 804.379.2760.