An Unexpected Gift

Weekly Reflection, Friday, April 29

By: Kathryn Scott

I was baptized during this year’s Great Easter Vigil. It only took me 52 years. In fairness, I had the belief, an assumption really, that I had been baptized as a baby. Only recently, because of taking the Inquirers Class, did I seek out the details of my baptism (my parents are deceased). I was quite surprised to discover that I had not been baptized as a child. While I had never been particularly “religious,” I always thought that I had a foundation to fall back on when I was ready. I no longer felt that way.

I sought out David’s counsel. He kindly listened intently to my story. When I stopped talking, he asked me directly, “Do you want to be baptized? Is it important to you?” To which I replied without hesitation, “Yes, it is.” I must admit that I had hoped to be baptized inconspicuously, as I was a little embarrassed to admit at my age that I was not. I’m not sure why I felt that way, but I did.

David helped me see things differently. To him, being baptized was something to be celebrated – publicly – no matter your age. So, he suggested doing it at the Great Easter Vigil. There was another member of the Inquirers Class who also wanted to be baptized, so I wouldn’t be alone. That did make me feel a little better (thank you, Jim). I agreed, knowing that I could always change my mind. It was a choice – my choice.

But I didn’t change my mind. I showed up at the Great Easter Vigil with my eyes and heart open. I experienced it all – the symbolic start of the service outside, the beautiful music, Kilpy’s poignant sermon, and my baptism. As an adult, I knew why I was there, why I was publicly making my vows, and the significance of the moment. And I didn’t feel judged; I felt loved and supported.

The next morning, Wayne Dementi sent me a picture he had taken from the night before. When I saw the picture, I immediately noticed the joy on my face. And then it struck me: being baptized at 52 years old was a gift. Even if I could go back and change the timing, I wouldn’t. It happened for me exactly when it was supposed to and I’m grateful.