Say “Yes!”

Stewardship Reflection, Friday, October 8

By: Patsy Simril, Member of the Stewardship Committee

Who doesn’t like to hear the word “YES”? It’s such a positive word.

Do you love me? Yes. 

Did Santa Claus come? Yes.

Did you get into UNC? Yes.

Did you get that job you wanted? Yes. 

Did you get a hole-in-one? Yes.

Do you love God with all your heart, mind, and soul? Yes.

I bet God likes to hear you say, “YES” to him, too!

Step 1: Say “Yes” to God. 

When I was teaching at St. Bridget’s School, the theme of Advent was “Say ‘Yes’ to God,” just like Mary did. It was so simple and easy for children to understand. And is so fundamental to our faith.

First and foremost, we begin by saying, “Yes” to believing. Some of us gradually come to know God like peeling the layers of an onion. Others have “Aha!” moments or even miraculous revelations. But some flirt with God, not ready to commit until they know Him better. If you fall into this last group, step two can help.

Step 2: Say “Yes” to church.

Let’s face it. Church makes getting to know God pretty easy. For one hour on one day a week, you get scripture with interpretation or reflection, prayers to help you learn how to speak to God, and beautiful rituals and music to get you in the mood. The best part is that at St. Mary’s you get all this while surrounded by a faith-filled community who is learning about God and growing their faith as you grow yours. It may be the most efficient hour you spend all week! I was in this phase for most of my life. It sustained me until my life settled down. Then I had the time, energy, and desire to move to step three.

Step 3: Say “Yes” to stewardship.

Some of us learn best when we act. Our church is filled with opportunities through ministries to serve God through time, talent, and treasure, so you don’t have to come up with your own. Each opportunity to serve is probably the best prayer or thank you that you can offer to God. Please don’t be discouraged if you don’t know which ministry to join. I feel certain that the clergy, staff, and St. Mary’s friends can help you discern which is a good fit for you. We also have the Holy Spirit on our side to nudge us in the right direction.

As you immerse yourself in God-centered experiences, you will grow; your children will grow; your relationships will grow. And St. Mary’s does a masterful job providing opportunities for your family’s growth. Just say “Yes!”