“Still Called to be the Light”

Stewardship Reflection, Friday, September 24

By: Wayne Dementi

“Let your light so shine before others, that they may see your good works, and glorify your Father who is in heaven.” – Matthew 5:16

These are such familiar words to us often heard during the passing of the offertory plates. It is always a bright reminder, especially these days. I have been hearing these words all of my life. My experience with Men’s Spiritual Practice prompted me to more fully study this verse. For most of my life I have thought that “your light” referred to my light – my good works, my faith, my goodness. Theologians will explain “your light” refers to Jesus’s light, that Christ is the only spiritual light of the world. “That they may see your good works” refers to those in darkness who are prompted to see God’s good works as carried out by his disciples. That’s where we come in – to display the light of Jesus by doing the good works which God intends. That is why it matters so much that we do the good works God gives us to do.

At St. Mary’s we are so fortunate to experience, firsthand, how God works in shaping what we do in his glory. God called us in so many ways to wage war on the pandemic. His love, and our response has been heartwarming. What goes on around here is why! We rallied as a parish family to the call. I believe we were able to do so because of our wonderful clergy and staff, and through life within our vibrant parish ministries. We successfully reached out to care for our neighbors, within and outside of our parish, in so many creative and caring ways.

As you think and pray about your 2022 pledge commitment, please allow your thoughts to reveal to you a sense of gratitude for God’s generosity. We are still called to be the light. May you find the work of your pledge dollars to be fulfilling. As we celebrate God’s work at St. Mary’s and look forward to 2022, we hope you will join us by making a pledge by Sunday, October 31.