St. Mary’s Kitchen Bringing Us Together

Weekly Reflection, Friday, September 3

By: Michelle Lewis

September is here and it’s time to get back into a routine. Sorry! We all know your calendars are filling up fast, but make sure you save a spot for Parish Supper!

From when I was born until my middle school years, my family attended River Road Methodist every Sunday at church, Sunday school, choir, youth, you name it. My grandfather was an usher, and my grandmother (Meme) was always in the kitchen and Fellowship Hall delighting people with both her sweet and savory treats on Sundays and whenever else they needed it. If a church event had food, my Meme had her hand in it. I always loved my grandmother’s spirit and generosity toward others, and her love of cooking has stayed with me, and keeps me close to her in my heart.

I guess because of Meme’s example, it just felt right that I would put an apron on and get to chopping when my family started attending St. Mary’s about 12 years ago. I immediately felt at home and enjoyed just getting in there and doing one of my favorite things, which is cooking for people. People talk about their “love language;” well, mine is definitely food (being inappropriately silly at the wrong times is a close second).

Cooking for you is how I show you I care, say thank you, I appreciate you, hope you feel better, thinking of you, Happy Birthday, I miss you, you name it! If something happens in the life of people I care about, I cook about it.

Since I have been involved in the kitchen at St. Mary’s, I have been so fortunate to have met so many people that I most likely would never have met otherwise. I have laughed and learned so much from them over the years and am grateful to St. Mary’s and the kitchen for bringing us together. Through working in the kitchen, my faith and personal relationship with God has grown in such an organic way that I credit to what? Showing up and leaning in (credit to Bob Hetherington)!

Whether Parish Supper is in the Parish Hall, or a drive thru pick up in the parking lot, these meals bring us all closer, and I’m grateful to be a small part of them. So if you never miss them, or you have never gone, make a point to attend or pick up Parish suppers this Fall (depending on what our church can offer). To be sure, just like my Meme’s food, it has been made with love (and gloves…… and masks).