Where Shall I Sit?

Weekly Reflection, Friday, July 2

By: Jane Fawley

When I originally looked at the picture of St. Mary’s Church without the pews, at once I thought of how it would look when all the pews were back in their places, and we could worship together again. I thought about where I would sit.

Then I thought about where I had sat over the years. Most often, I was upstairs in the choir loft, looking down on the congregation, having the glorious music swirl around me, and watching Ryan’s amazing feet find the notes without looking. Often on Sunday mornings, I’d slip out during the break between practice and the service to see if Paul had made his award-winning coffee – the best in town. Sipping on it helps keep my throat from drying out over the next hour of singing.

If I was not in the choir loft, I sat in the back on the left. But if I was late, I slipped into a pew in the way back so no one would notice. There are usually a few of us.

Once, I sat on the very front row. My family was gathered ‘round and my dear brother held my arm to steady me. That was the day we buried my precious Mike – such grief.

If there was a concert or candlelight service, I sat halfway up on the right side. I was careful not to sit under the balcony so I could get the full effect of the choir in the careful acoustics of St. Mary’s.

Most recently, prior to the pandemic, I had been sitting in the left wing if communion was offered after morning prayer. It’s amazing how many communicants are there. Lots of people always attended. I usually saved my bulletin and shared with somebody who forgot theirs.

The pews have recently returned.

I, too, shall return.

And now, I wonder, where shall I sit?