Deacon Harrison Higgins to join St. Mary’s Staff

Announcement from the Rector on Wednesday, May 26

David is so pleased to announce that Bishop Susan Goff has assigned the Rev. Deacon Harrison Higgins to come serve at St. Mary’s Church and share in the ministries of this parish. Harrison was ordained to the vocational diaconate of the Episcopal Church in 2013 and has most recently served at St. James the Less in Ashland. Harrison will especially be involved in Adult Christian Formation opportunities, but will take his place in the liturgical and pastoral life of our parish as well. David has known Harrison for probably 25 years. David writes, “He is a deeply faithful, soulful, hilarious, wise person and a perfectly brilliant human being. I am so excited for him to join us here at St. Mary’s.” Harrison begins his ministry here July 1.

Here is Harrison’s note of introduction to the people of St. Mary’s:
“My name is Harrison Higgins and I grew up in Richmond. I attended Collegiate, Woodberry Forest School, and Davidson College where I graduated without any clue about what to do with the rest of my life, other than to put a newly awakened, exuberant, and naïve faith to work in God’s service. I took a job at a furniture maker’s shop thinking it would be a great hobby until I figured out what I would really do with my life, and I fell in love with the work. Two years later, I started my own shop the same week our first child was born. That was 1974 just down the road near Manakin Sabot and forty-seven years, four children, nine grandchildren, and a happy second marriage later here I am.

In 2013 I was ordained a deacon, left St. Andrew’s Church where I met David May, and served at Church of the Epiphany. Then, for the last three years, have served at St. James the Less in Ashland where my wife Susan and I (and one small dog and one large cat) live in an old log cabin in some beautiful woods. I have mostly given up trying to figure out what I am supposed to do with this life and am doing mostly what I love: making my wife laugh, spoiling my grandchildren, talking to people about God, messing around in the woods in cold weather, and trying to grow vegetables in the summer. And, I still make furniture when my wife or a priest or child or someone to whom I can’t say no asks.

I am looking forward to joining the St. Mary’s community and being part of the team led by a good friend, David May. Thank you for having me.”