We are Fallen

Lenten Reflection, Friday, March 12

By: Owen Conway

More than a decade has passed since I began meeting with the majority of my clients in the jail, separated by a thin glass window. I have represented many troubled people charged with varying degrees of criminal offenses… the epitome of our fallen world—or just humans? People who cry real tears, have real fears, are broken, addicted, lost. Most are people like us who need help and hope. I have found the majority to be appreciative of a listening ear, an offer to help, and a glimmer of hope. But often they are told that they must wait… things will get better.

While we all have our experiences with living in a fallen world, this is my daily reminder. It provides me an overwhelming awareness of the darkness, disparity, suffering, addiction, hatred, and division in our world today. It is all relative, but I see it around me, and I recognize it in me. I deal with it by having hope.

In the past year, the Pandemic and deep political and racial divisions have emphasized the depth of our fallen world. Things are far from perfect, downright depressing. Many are isolated and lonely. Others are filled with hatred and anger over current events. The reality is that we have all sinned, and we continue to struggle with sin daily. We are fallen.

Like inmates in jail, we must also wait. We must take comfort in the hope that God so graciously offers us through his son, Jesus. We will be free from our fallen world, free from our fallen minds and bodies. We eagerly await restoration, our glorious freedom. Don’t miss God’s final invitation to ALL fallen people: “Come!” (Revelation 22:17)

Today, I will wait with hope.