The Community includes Each and Every One

Lenten Reflection, Friday, March 19

By: Jane Fawley

A community is a group united by similar location, interests and ideas, or experiences. We at St Mary’s identify ourselves as a “Community of Faith”. From this group of similar-minded beings we [receive-enjoy] the affirmation of our faith with and often through other members. We were created to be social beings; that is, we thrive in the company of others. Yes, John Donne, “…No man is an island…”

That big empty building on River Road is just an empty shelter unless it is filled with people. Our Community of Faith gathers here to practice our Faith. Our interaction makes it a church. From these participants we give and receive, i.e., share…

The warmth of fellowship
The joy of music
The inspiration of preaching
The comfort of prayer
And support during loss.

A constant, fluid giving and receiving, make us a church. Together. We participate in the gathering of the community, and each is needed to make the whole.

The community includes each and every one. And what a joy it is to be together!!!!

What a gift is Community!

And HE will be in the midst of them.

What will it be like when we can come back together at church?