Offering Patience, Giving Space for Perspective, and Praying

Lenten Reflection, Friday, March 26

By: Macon Moring

It is very common to hear people asking when life will get back to normal. Some people think that we may never get back to normal: that we will have to create a “new normal” for the greater good of society. This year, I will look at the new normal with hope: the hope of a new creation. 2020 offered us the opportunity to think about others rather than ourselves in completely new ways. When rebuilding our fallen world, putting others before ourselves is the perfect example of what 2020 taught us. The arrival of a new year provides a perfect opportunity to rebuild our world after a difficult year.

When I think of points of focus to reshape our world, I think of patience, perspective, and prayer. Nearly one year later, COVID-19 is still with us, and patience should dictate what we say and do until we find a solution to the virus. Next, perspective helps us put ourselves into the positions of others and realize what they are going through. It is possible that the virus has not affected us on a personal level, but letting ourselves think about those who have been affected personally helps us put others before ourselves. Lastly, thinking of others and retaining the virtue of patience is what our Christian community is built upon. If we use the concept of prayer to help us perform these first two actions, getting through these turbulent times will go by more quickly than we think.

Today, I will try to offer patience, give space for perspective, and pray.