Thank You for Responding Faithfully

Stewardship Reflection, Sunday, November 17, 2019

By: Karen Huennekens and Scott Stephens, Senior and Junior Wardens

To the members of St. Mary’s, we would like to thank you for responding faithfully to the 2020 Stewardship Campaign during our eight week pledge period. Many of you increased your annual pledge, which is wonderful for the spirit and life of the parish. A lot of you have pledged for the first time, which is both comforting and important to know that we will continue to grow as a parish family. Your support highlights that we will be able to move forward in the daily life, the annual works, and the future plans of the church. After this pledge period, we have received 266 pledges for 61.5% participation of households. We are very close to our budget goal of $1,150,000 with results of $927.477.

As we prepare for the budget year ahead we are reminded of the various St. Mary’s ministries that rely on your support. From our outreach committee and youth and adult missions, to our fellowship and adult education programs, and all that are in between, there is a great need. We want to be able fully fund each one of these programs and needs as they answer to the passions of our congregation. Your stewardship helps meet these challenges.

In moving St. Mary’s forward, we must anticipate the financial needs of maintenance, and restoration and preservation projects. Presently, this stewardship campaign is the only source of income to meet these needs and the operating needs of a fully funded staff. As with other organizations, our costs continue to increase. Your stewardship helps meet these challenges.

We hope that you will continue to keep St. Mary’s in your prayers. Stewardship cannot be defined or contained in an eight week campaign. It should become a culture that reaches beyond satisfying our financial needs, and live in the hearts of all of us as we give thanks for the blessings that have been given to us. Each week we’ve had the written gift of a wonderful reflection that has been shared with us during this Campaign. Each week we’ve had a new story to look forward to that clearly steers us in recognizing our blessings, and clearly shows us how spiritually inclusive our membership is toward the well being of the parish. Your stewardship helps share this faith.

It has been exciting to see a re-energized and re-engaged congregation as a result of David’s leadership here at St. Mary’s. We know that our Vestry is dedicated to keep the momentum going! We thank you for your part in this year’s Stewardship Campaign as we join together and provide for all the possibilities that lie ahead of us.