Our Relationship with Others

Stewardship Reflection, Sunday, September 29, 2019

By: Dianne Dementi

Let me start this reflection by sharing that I did not see myself as ever becoming a contributing member of a Stewardship Committee. Ask people for money – oh no! Fortunately, the leadership of St. Mary’s feels like God will take care of each member’s desire to pledge. My role is to connect with our members, be here to support them, and tell them what St. Mary’s means to me. I can do that.

My Christian beliefs have deepened in many ways since coming to St. Mary’s. Initially when I found this wonderful church, I truly felt “at home.” Then, naturally, all kinds of changes occurred. I watched as the leadership changed multiple times, and, amazingly, the congregation of this church accepted the changes with grace and strength, always believing that even better times were coming. I was awed, and it gave me a great sense of peace.

Our adult forums have also opened my heart to new ways of listening and finding ways to serve. I truly heard David when he said, “Don’t be recruited, be called.” I did not even have to think about it when Carol Evans asked me to co-chair the Altar Guild with her. I feel like Altar Guild has always been part of my life, even as far back as my childhood. I remember watching my Grandmother stand at the end of her dining room table ironing church linens, pulling them down the table so they would not wrinkle and rolling them on cardboard tubes to carry them back to her church.

My participation in this ministry at St. Mary’s has renewed my connection with my Grandmother, and I believe she was “sitting on my shoulder” when I accepted the call. I receive far more from this ministry than I give. It is an amazing group of dedicated women. The camaraderie among the members is something to behold, and their grace and friendship makes our tasks more reward than work.

With that, this quote from Rick Warren came to mind, “we discover our role in life through our relationships with others.” Through my relationships on Altar Guild and the wider St. Mary’s community, I find that my heart is truly at St. Mary’s during this season of Stewardship. And I give much thanks for that.

I wish you all similar experiences.