Smile Because It Happened

Weekly Reflection, Sunday, July 21, 2019

By: Mike Koschak

Don’t cry because it’s over, smile because it happened.  –Dr. Seuss

I still vividly remember my first morning at St. Mary’s. On the drive in, I became anxious and began to worry a bit. Would my skill set match up with what St. Mary’s needed? Would my recent heart surgery cause problems? Was I too old for a new job? Do my socks match?

Weezie and I met for coffee three times before I finally asked her if she could use my help. “Sure, that would be great,” she replied. I felt ready to be useful again and a few months of work at St. Mary’s as their Interim Executive Director might be good for them as well.

Weezie will put my nervousness to rest the minute I walk in the door, I thought. She knows what she’s doing. I entered the Parish Office for the first time, walked up to Weezie’s door and heartily said, “Good morning!” Weezie lifted her head, stared at me for a moment and said, “Oh Mike, I’m sorry. I had forgotten you were starting today.” Not the auspicious start I was hoping for, but things would get much better.

I remember the following three months as a foggy period of chaos, stress, and long hours. The staff was new and none of us knew much about anything. More new faces soon arrived and we all slowly began to find our footing. Things started to happen – positive things.

After several months, there was no doubt that the staff was becoming a high functioning team and when coupled with the dedicated church members, great new things were taking shape. Even after Weezie’s departure, there was a definite “we can do this!” attitude in staff meetings. I have no doubt that the Holy Spirit was at hand and very busy.

Fast forward. I’m driving home from St. Mary’s on my last day. I think back on those questions I had my first day while driving in and I smile. I also think about how dearly I will miss all the St. Mary’s people I have worked with and have come to love. St. Mary’s, you are blessed and a blessing. Thank you!