God’s Math

Weekly Reflection, Sunday, July 7, 2019

By: Amelia McDaniel

I was horrible at math in school. I do know that the equal sign means that there are two values that are balanced, the same, on either side of it. 2+2 is the same as, equal to 4. Last week we had some impressive numbers to add up around here.

4 VBS Committee Members
60 kids in VBS
18 kids in On the Go
32 Adult Leaders
23 Youth Leaders
5 outreach sites visited
200 snack bags packed for the children at Peter Paul Development Center
100 towels collected to help with their swim lessons

But there is no way that by counting the people and items donated the sum would ever equal or be balanced with the sum of those wonders. Watching these children and the youth and adults who come to lead and learn alongside them for the week is beyond compare; no possible way to balance that equation. There is a whole lot of being human that gets stuffed into the week. Laughter and silliness. Some tears. Some bandaids and hugs. Singing and dancing. Lots of water balloons and goldfish crackers. Lots of stories told and some remembered. Most of all there is lots of grace—so much grace.

Many thanks to everyone who helped in the making of VBS and On the Go. The leaders who dreamed it up and led the charge – Ashley Barlow, Fran Jones, Rochelle Jordan, BethAnn Romeo, Patsy Simril, Liz Williams and Catherine Ashman – and the many, many adult and youth leaders who came forward to help make the week full of love.

I may be horrible at math, but I like God’s math.