Traditions Surrounding Advent

Weekly Advent Reflection, Sunday, December 9, 2018

By: Addison Hagan

Whenever I think about Advent, my mind first goes to the traditions that surround the holidays. I think first about winter break and how I put the stress and assignments related to school on pause. I also think about the family reunions and being able to see the relatives that I may not have seen since last Christmas. I think about the great dinners that go along with the family gatherings and the gift swaps between me and my cousins. I think about the magic of the Christmas Eve Service and how awesome the kids are in their performance. Of course, the joy of Christmas morning is ever-present in my head, and especially so when Christmas lights start going up.

The tradition of Advent is what makes the Christmas season so special to everybody for so many different reasons. They are each able to find in their memories the joy of past Christmases and the excitement about what will unfold this Advent. There is always some stress associated with visiting family and rushing to find gifts; however, Christmas music can work wonders. Each year, Advent fills people with joy because they can relive memories through their traditions. New traditions are formed each year and will provide events to look forward to when the next year’s winter arrives. The Advent traditions that bring people together are what allows people to enjoy the significance of Jesus’s birth and the joy associated with it. The traditions are what pull us back to the ones we love and let us fully enjoy Advent and appreciate what the birth of Christ really means. I’m excited for this Advent and for what it signifies to me, like family and the start of a new year where I will be able to continue to see Christ in my life.