What are we called to do?

A Weekly Stewardship Reflection, Sunday, September 30, 2017

By: Fay Lohr

Jesus asks us to take care of those in need. Sounds like a big job! So what am I called to do?

Is it giving someone a big bear hug? Every Sunday morning, I look forward to a big hug from my friend Seward Gray. His positive attitude and warm hugs get me through the coming week.

Is it being present and listening to someone who is overwhelmed with life’s challenges? Is it praying someone through a difficult crisis when they don’t even know you are praying for them? Are these small tasks what we are being called to do?

One of the perks of being a member of St. Mary’s faith community is being able to do all these things for others as needed. It also means that same community will be there to nurture and protect us when life happens. When my husband Gordon faced some medical challenges, having our entire faith community praying certainly gave us the strength we needed. Knowing there are all those clouds of witnesses lifting up our prayers got us through.

In turn, serving on the Pastoral Care Team has given me an opportunity to reach out to members of St. Mary’s. It may be a bag of delicious pecans or a meal you can pop in the oven when things get crazy; a birthday card from the parish just when we think nobody remembers. I was especially touched to receive my St. Mary’s birthday card and read the special prayer enclosed.

All these small tasks carried out by our community add up quickly. They are what makes a visitor know that St. Mary’s is special. They can feel the positive energy and love that welcomes each of us. We have a beautiful facility, wonderful music, and challenging messages, but it is so much more. It is the sum total of all the gifts God has given each of us brought together as one Body of Christ.

Now is the time when we are called to do an inventory of our gifts and talents. Spend some time in prayer counting your blessings, giving thanks and discerning what you are going to give back to God.

The gift of time is precious and St. Mary’s needs all of our gifts – hugs, teaching Sunday School, making meals, singing in the choir, or being an acolyte.

What is the Holy Spirit calling each of us to do?