Only these Beautiful Facts

Weekly Reflection, Sunday, July 15, 2018

By: Amelia McDaniel

I don’t think anyone would ever describe me as a “just the facts” kind of person. My stories are usually embellished with details and ideas that are rarely central to the story, rather just ones that I really like to tell.

But I have factual numbers from this past week’s Vacation Bible School that I simply adore and want to share.

59 darling children showed up here to learn about God’s love.
25 teenagers arrived ready to lead and love those children.
22 adults volunteered to shepherd and love on all 84 of those precious people.
4 adults planned these five days beginning back in March.

Those listed and even more loved and worshiped together on Friday morning around our altar table.

And all those people donated a whole lot of food to share at GoochlandCares.

Sometimes the facts, the real time events that are happening around the world seem far too much to bear. But these facts listed above are just the opposite; they are a reminder of the goodness and love that our lives are rooted in through Jesus.

During the week, the children sang the scripture, “You put my feet on a rock. Gave me a firm place to stand. And here I am.” And for five days, we learned about love, peace, patience, and generosity not only through words and teaching but by living and doing. It was a beautiful and firm foundation we all stood on together.

I need only these beautiful facts to tell you the story of a wonderful week. Many thanks to all those who participated in making it one filled with love and laughter.