A Wonderful Place for Life

A Weekly Stewardship Reflection, Sunday, November 5, 2017

By: Amelia McDaniel

Teaching our children about God’s call to share our time, talent, and treasure in our community is a never-ending process. It is something that we as adults continue to grow into as well. We want our children to understand the importance of not only monetary donations to the church but also how they use their time and talents in the world to help others in God’s name.

In the past, the children made contributions to the church in their Sunday School classrooms or in the plate as it was passed in church. This year we are trying something new. At the offertory the children are invited to come forward to place their own offerings in plates that are held by young ushers. They can bring forward a monetary donation that will go into the general fund of the church. They may also bring forward a card that is found in the boxes where the worship bags are contained. On these cards, they can draw or write about a way they made an offering of time or talent during the week. A time they helped a friend. A time they shared their snack or lunch with another. A donation of cans to the food bank. We want them to grow to understand that all of what we do can be an offering to God.

This week’s video reflection is by one of our young students, Rainey Trice. Please check out St. Mary’s YouTube channel to watch the video. Her words are a powerful reminder about the impact that belonging to the St. Mary’s community can have on all our lives. Her sense of commitment to our community is an inspiration for those of all ages. As she reminds us at the end, St. Mary’s is a wonderful place for life. That could not happen without the generosity of all.