Letter from the Rector and Senior Warden

Dear St. Mary’s Family,

Some letters are harder to write than others. This is one of them. Through a string of events that we would never have anticipated, my husband Buck has been offered a position doing mission and outreach work for the Episcopal Church in Colorado. This has been a difficult decision for us. After much prayer and discernment, he has accepted, and we will move to Denver.

I have been captivated by you and by this place since I first came to St. Mary’s almost three years ago. You have welcomed me into your lives, and I have been humbled by your confidence in me in times of joy and sorrow and everyday life. I have been amazed by your willingness to discern where God is calling St. Mary’s and the energy and enthusiasm with which you are embracing the ensuing possibilities. I am inspired by your faithfulness.

I am also convinced that St. Mary’s will continue to grow and thrive as a powerful witness of the Body of Christ in the world. We have an amazing congregation and staff, great love and respect for one another, and an unshakeable commitment to the exciting future that is even now taking shape. I have no doubt that the candidates for the next rector will be outstanding, and the Vestry, staff, and I are dedicated to doing everything we can to make the transition as smooth as possible. We pledge to keep you fully informed as we do so. Meanwhile, as we head toward All Saints’ Sunday (when we will baptize six babies!), the Ecuador mission trip, the conclusion of the “Beyond Bridges” art exhibit, Thanksgiving, and Advent, as well as our many ongoing vibrant ministries and services, I look forward to continuing to celebrate the life that we share together.

Finally, I wish that I could adequately convey my gratitude and love. St. Mary’s is enriched immeasurably by each and every one of you, and I will cherish the time that we have left together.

In Christ’s love,


Dear Fellow Parishioners,

Weezie has shared with me the background and sequence of events leading to her and Buck’s decision to move to Colorado. While I am deeply saddened by this turn of events, I understand and accept their rationale and wish them God speed.

St. Mary’s has been blessed by Weezie’s presence. In her short tenure as our spiritual leader, she has helped us to see and reach for a more engaged community. A sense of enthusiasm, vitality, and openness to God’s calling grows amongst us each day. Weezie’s legacy at St. Mary’s is her recognition of the deep passionate spirit that existed within our parish, but was untapped. She prodded us to be more involved. Our challenge is to maintain this momentum; for it is not about one person, but about our community as a whole. I believe we will.

I spoke of the St. Mary’s culture in my Senior Warden’s speech at last January’s Annual Meeting. I offer that thought again; “…it is our sense of humility, love of place, simplicity, tradition, community, and willingness to embrace change that has guided us. Our culture formed over one and one half centuries is our fountain and is filled with the Spirit. This fountain – the St. Mary’s culture, the St. Mary’s spirit – is why we are here today. Over time there are changing faces in the pews and at the Altar, but we remain the same place. And it is a good place.”

Weezie, in her gracious way, has offered to do anything reasonable in her power to help us move forward and smoothly transition into new leadership. She will remain our Rector through the year end and into the New Year, if necessary, until we know our path forward. We will begin the search process immediately.

I, along with the entire Vestry, thank you for your continued support. We will try our best to communicate regularly with our progress.


Al Rider
Senior Warden