Fall at St. Mary’s

A Weekly Reflection, Sunday, September 10, 2017

By: Weezie Blanchard

As many of you know, I am reluctant to say good bye to summer. I love the long days and the bright light. I don’t mind the heat, and I appreciate the slower pace. I am not one of those people who looks forward to fall colors and football and the other so-called consolations of the season.

But this year is different. I am so excited about the fall ahead at St. Mary’s. All summer long, St. Mary’s staff, Vestry, and parishioners have been talking about what makes St. Mary’s such a unique and wonderful part of the Body of Christ – our founding and long history as a mission church; our beautiful buildings and grounds; our resurgent interest in education, spiritual formation, and the intersection of current events and our faith; and our longtime focus on families, fellowship, and outreach. These are not separate and distinct qualities, but all a part of what makes the story of who we are at St. Mary’s so unique and inviting.       

 This fall we’ll begin a year-long focus on telling the many aspects of our story. Through an Adult Forum focus on scripture, Bible and book studies, and the exciting CARAVAN exhibition, we’ll explore who we are and how we live as Christians today. Through a Sunday School focus on the lectionary, confirmation, inquirers’ classes, and increased opportunities for participation in liturgy and other lay ministries, we’ll learn what makes us unique as Episcopalians. We’ll celebrate fellowship and outreach especially as we prepare throughout the year for the outreach gala, “Celebrating Our Story…Past, Present, and Future” next April, where we’ll honor Isabel Souder Correll, whose story is interwoven with St. Mary’s story, and thus with all of ours.

Your part of the story is vital to who we are as Christians, Episcopalians, and St. Mary’s. We look forward to sharing in it.

And that’s why I’m so excited about fall at St. Mary’s.