2017 Lenten Speaker Series: Christian Community

This year’s Lenten Supper and Speaker series focuses on Christian Community. On Wednesday, March 15, the series began by focusing on the St. Mary’s community. As Weezie Blanchard wrote, “A vibrant Christian community consists of more than just attending a service on Sunday morning. Involvement in other aspects of our common life is essential to creating a sense of belonging, nurturing faith, and strengthening community. Tonight, several St. Mary’s parishioners will tell us what has made St. Mary’s a vibrant Christian community for them.” Please listen to hear Seth Schaeffer, Robin Lind, and Sydna Street each beautifully share their St. Mary’s stories.

Photo Mar 15, 7 07 07 PM

Robin Lind, Sydna Street, and Seth Schaeffer (from left to right)