Walk in Love



Dear St. Mary’s Family,

Welcome to an exciting year at St. Mary’s! As we look forward to a new church year with our new rector, Weezie Blanchard, a renewed sense of energy, ministry, fellowship, and worship invites us to embrace our God who is walking among us at St. Mary’s.

The theme of the 2017 Stewardship Campaign that will impact the future life of our parish is “Walk in Love.” “Walk in love as Christ loved us and gave himself for us in offering and sacrifice to God,” is spoken in the middle of the service to define the connection between how Jesus Christ offers himself to us and how we in return offer ourselves to God and to doing God’s work among us. For many of us, it is a signal that it’s time to get quiet again after sharing the Peace and hearing announcements about the enriching ministries happening at St. Mary’s.

These words connect us to how God teaches us through the Bible lessons and sermons, to how God feeds us through Holy Communion, and to how God sends us out into the world to build God’s Kingdom. These are just a few of the action verbs that describe how God empowers us to go out and do God’s work.

Here at St. Mary’s:

  • We teach our children they are not only known, loved and belong to St. Mary’s community, but also known, loved and belong to God, through Sunday School classes.
  • We feed one another through Lay Eucharistic ministry, and parish breakfasts and suppers.
  • We are sent out in Pastoral Care teams to tend to the sick and needy.

This fall we invite you to hear “Walk in Love” in a different way. We invite you to hear these words as an invitation to connect. It’s an invitation for you to say, “yes” to walking, moving, loving and doing as Christ Jesus at St. Mary’s.

As you hear more about the increasing impact of our ministries at St. Mary’s, we ask you to prayerfully consider how you can increase the impact of your ministry at St. Mary’s. Consider this through intentional prayers and conversations with God. And discern through your conversations with us about the mission and ministry at St. Mary’s Episcopal Church. We look forward to connecting with each of you and we are excited about this year at St. Mary’s!

The 2016 Vestry has made a commitment to Walk in Love by unanimously increasing their 2017 pledges by an average of 17%. Please consider following in their footsteps.

Walk in love!

Jane duFrane, Stewardship Co-Chair

Fay Lohr, Stewardship Co-Chair

Tom Slater, Stewardship Co-Chair

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