St. Mary’s Lunch & Learn

St. Mary's Senior Luncheon JAN122012 009

Seniors from St. Mary’s (and elsewhere) gather on the second Tuesdays of each month for a luncheon and program.  Often seniors will welcome a guest speaker, but program offerings include visits to St. Paul’s Lenten Lunch program, special worship services, and more.  All ages are welcome–you need not be a senior to enjoy the delicious food and wonderful company! Suggested donation is $5 per lunch.

Learn more about the Seniors’ Program by contacting Allen Ferguson at (804) 282-0211.

Fall 2019 Schedule

September 10: Claiborne Duncan Gregory, S.A.A. – An artist noted for his portrait paintings and his works of landscape, marine, animal and sporting subjects. “How do we know when no more ‘paint’ is called for? When is the work done… complete… fini?”

October 8: Dr. E. Bruce Heilman – Chancellor of the University of Richmond. “What does it take to lead a life well-lived?”

November 12: Dr. Charles Faulkner Bryan, Jr. – Former CEO of Virginia Historical Society. “How best to cope with today’s attempts to “re-do” the traditional imagery of selected confederate icons.”

December 10: The Rev. Canon Robert G. Hetherington – Priest Associate at St. Mary’s. “What are the necessary requirements of adequately fulfilling the role of ‘care-giver’ of a family member or a dear friend who is in dire need of support.”