Children’s Ministries

Sunday School -- All Saints Day

Our committee is responsible for planning, organizing and offering all programs for our children from infants through 5th grade.  Working with the staff and the clergy, we:  

  • Plan the calendar year’s major events:   Sunday school, All Saints parade, Advent Giving Tree,    Children’s Service of Lessons and Carols, Mardi Gras carnival, Easter egg hunt and morning activities and Vacation             Bible School;
  • Raise up volunteers to head up the various programs and be creative in attracting other volunteers to Children’s Ministries;
  • Offer Sunday school throughout the school year by finding and scheduling teachers and selecting age-appropriate curricula;
  • Offer periodic training for volunteer Sunday school teachers;
  • Have contingency plans when teachers are absent;
  • Make sure the Welcome Desk is fully stocked with information about our Children’s programs;
  • Keep our bulletin boards welcoming, cheerful and informative; 
  • Work with the Outreach Committee on children’s outreach projects;
  • Work with the Communications Committee to communicate with parent volunteers and keep our website current; and
  • Set and manage the Children’s Ministries Budget.

Click here to view the St. Mary’s Christian Education Ministries
Sunday School Schedule (for Children and Youth). 

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to see the classroom layout for Children and Youth. 

Committee Chair: Brantley Holmes: (T) 804.928.5596;

 Clergy Representative: John Miller: (T) 804.784.5678;

 Staff Representative:  Kristopher Adams: (T) 804.784.5678;