New St. Mary's at Night

Among the many things that make St. Mary’s so great are its lovely, serene buildings.  Sometimes, we take them for granted.  But it takes a lot of effort to maintain these treasured places, and that’s where the Building Committee comes in.  We are responsible for the oversight and maintenance of our buildings, including:

  • Supervising the master plan for existing parish buildings;
  • Maintaining the historic character of Little St. Mary’s;
  • Updating our mechanical systems (electrical, HVAC, plumbing, septic, boiler, roofing, gutters, lighting) and keeping the maintenance schedule;
  • Maintaining the musical instruments (organs and pianos) of the parish;
  • Maintaining the sound system in New St. Mary’s;
  • Maintaining all floor treatments (wood floors and carpeted surfaces) in the buildings;
  • Maintaining the furniture in the churches, meeting spaces and offices;
  • Providing signs for the parish site and buildings; 
  • Insuring that proper insulation, adequate weather stripping, and energy-efficient windows & doors are maintained or installed in the parish buildings;
  • Recommending to the Rector and Vestry policy changes for the use and upkeep of St. Mary’s;
  • Planning for the enhancement of the St. Mary’s physical plant; and
  • Conducting an annual review of all service-provider contracts

Our committee works with the clergy, the parish administrator, the Churchyard Committee, and the Vestry to help take care of our gorgeous buildings and to find new ways in which to beautify our surroundings.