Coronavirus Response and Resource Page

St. Mary’s hopes that this page can be a resource for links to online worship and other resources being provided during this time of COVID-19. Please note that under the direction of the Bishop of the Episcopal Diocese of Virginia and the Presiding Bishop of The Episcopal Church, we will worship online through Friday, May 8. Certain formation and other programming will be made available online and we will communicate these opportunities on our website and through social media.


Livestream Sunday Worship

Please join us on Sundays at 10 a.m. on St. Mary’s Facebook Page.

Sunday, March 22 | 10 a.m.

Video of Service on Facebook | YouTube
Service Bulletin Here.
Sermon Audio Recording and Text Here.

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Sunday, March 15 | 10 a.m.

Service Bulletin Here.
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Livestream Wednesday Noonday Prayer

Please join us for Noonday Prayer on Wednesdays at 12 p.m. on St. Mary’s Facebook Page.

Wednesday, March 25 | 12 p.m.

Video of Service on Facebook | YouTube
Noonday Prayer can be found page 103 of the Book of Common Prayer or on under “The Daily Offices” or Download the Service Leaflet here.
Reflection Text Here

Wednesday, March 18 | 12 p.m.

Video of Service on Facebook
Noonday Prayer can be found page 103 of the Book of Common Prayer or on under “The Daily Offices” or Download the Service Leaflet here.


Sunday Children’s Chapel for 4 years-old to 5th Graders

Each Saturday, parents should receive an email with a link to that Sunday’s Children’s Chapel video.

Sunday, March 22 | The Pool of Siloam

Email Link with Information and Instructions
Video of Children’s Chapel on YouTube
Download the Shepherd’s Guide


Thursday Compline for ALL Youth (6th to 12th Graders)

Emily Bruch is hosting virtual Compline every Thursday at 8 p.m. via Zoom

Link to Zoom Meeting
Using the Book of Common Prayer, page 127 or on or Download the Compline Service Bulletin

A Letter from the Wardens on Behalf of the Vestry of St. Mary’s

March 18, 2020

Dear St. Mary’s Family,
We write to you during these uncertain times and hope that our letter finds you doing well, or at least doing as well as you can. COVID-19 has upended many of our lives and has created what some would call a “new normal.” We sincerely hope, however, that it is just the “new right now” at St. Mary’s and that we once again will fill the pews and share God’s peace with one another in person real soon. In the meantime, after consultation with David and the St. Mary’s staff, we wanted to communicate a few important points to you on behalf of the Vestry.

First, please know that, regardless of what happens over the coming weeks, our St. Mary’s community is compassionate, capable, and resilient. We will get through this. But, as with any challenge, we position ourselves best when we work together. Time, and time again, our St. Mary’s community has shown that we are there for one another. Now is no different. St. Mary’s is here for you, and we hope that you will find ways to be there for one another. Please think about, and pray on, ways that you can help your St. Mary’s family. For example, a quarantined friend might need someone to grab groceries for them, might really appreciate a good book or a puzzle left on their front porch, or may need—now more than ever—a phone call to assuage their loneliness.

And while many of us are loath to ask for help ourselves, we need to remember to do that. Please do not hesitate to reach out to your St. Mary’s family if you are in need of something. Know that you are not imposing—you are gifting to someone else the joy of service and the opportunity to fulfill their commitment to help those in need.

Next, it is critically important for us all to remember that St. Mary’s viability depends on the generosity of its members. It is only through our gifts that our lights are kept on, our clergy and staff are compensated, and our community of faith is allowed to thrive through worship and outreach. So, during these uncertain days, when no plates will be passed on Sundays, we encourage all of you to keep up your pledge payments, and even consider increasing or pre-paying your pledges. St. Mary’s belongs to each one of us and, as a result, St. Mary’s care is our collective responsibility. For your convenience, we have included a self-addressed envelope with this letter.

In the end, we want to assure you that we are aware of your questions and concerns, because we have those same questions and concerns. The Vestry, however, is committed to making sure that our St. Mary’s community stays just that, a community, by finding ways—large and small—to stay spiritually connected while keeping physically distant. Please check your emails and St. Mary’s webpage regularly over the coming days to learn the different ways that we will be offering our community to connect.

With peace and love,
Seth Schaeffer and Harry Baldwin
Senior and Junior Wardens on behalf of St. Mary’s Vestry

An Important Message from the Rector on Coronavirus

March 11, 2020

Dear Friends in Christ,

Today, in light of the growing coronavirus outbreak, our Bishop Suffragan and Ecclesial Authority, the Rt. Rev. Susan Goff, held a Zoom call with some 185 clergy of the diocese. In the call, the Bishop announced that all public worship services of the churches of the diocese should be cancelled for the next two weeks, specifically for Sundays, March 15 and 22. This is a highly unusual decision and, in my opinion, the right decision to make. We have all been trying to find the right place to land between healthy and unhealthy fear. I think this decision provides time to consider with some thoughtfulness how we will be a worshiping community together going forward.

The principal concern is the risk of the spread of the virus in gatherings of people. So, for these next two weeks any gatherings larger than 10-15 people or so will also be cancelled. Our staff gathered this afternoon to brainstorm these different gatherings at the church and to make plans for communicating directly with each group or committee. The staff has also begun to think about how we might gather virtually for worship. I hope to be able to let you know more about this over the next two days. I also want to make clear that the church office is opened. The staff will continue to come to work and you are certainly welcomed to come by if you like. I am also making plans for a called meeting of the vestry over these next days to discuss and pray about how God is calling us to be the church in the midst of current uncertainties. We are all committed to communicating clearly and perhaps frequently with you over these next days and weeks.

Please be assured that you are in my prayers, and I urge you to keep one another in your own prayers. Please pray as well for all those affected by this outbreak wherever they may be, for those who are sick and for all those caring for them. Please pray for all those who hold the public trust of elected office that they may be given wisdom to make decisions for the welfare of all people.

Though we may not be meeting for worship together, we are still God’s Church in this world and with and for one another. Remember that Jesus said, ‘in this world there will be tribulation, but be of good cheer, for I have overcome the world’. And so, we always live in hope.

Your brother in Christ,
The Reverend David May